Rabbi Dovid Rosenbaum

Rabbi Dovid Rosenbaum is the beloved Rav at Young Israel Shomrai Emunah of Greater Washington, located in Silver Spring Maryland. Before assuming this position Rabbi Rosenbaum was an Assistant Rabbi to Rabbi Gedaliah Anemer and prior to that he was Rav at Am Hatorah Congregation of Bethesda, Maryland. He is a musmach of the Yeshiva of Greater Washington and holds a BS in accounting from University of Maryland University College. He was also a Rebbe at the Yeshiva of Greater Washington from 2000 until assuming the role of full time Rav at YISE.
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Krias Shema Class 3 Davening 55 min
Pesukei Dezimrah - 1st Class Davening 58 min
Pesukei Dezimrah - 2nd Class Davening 54 min
Pesukei Dezimrah - 3rd Class Davening 54 min
Please Open My Lips Davening 4 min
Rosh Hashana Mussaf Class Davening 52 min
Stepping Into Prayer Davening 4 min
Tefilas Hallel Class 1 Davening 55 min
Tefilas Hallel Class 2 Davening 54 min
Tefilas Hallel Class 3 Davening 54 min
Tefilla Betzibur 1 - The Value of Tefilla Betzibur Davening 53 min
Tefilla Betzibur 2 - Kaddish Davening 64 min
Tefilla Betzibur 3 - Kedushah Davening 47 min
The Goal of Prayer Davening 5 min
Understanding Baruch Davening 4 min
Unit of Three Berachos Davening 4 min
Yom Kippur Viduy Davening 57 min
01 - Laws of Shemittah -Thoughts of the Year Eretz Yisroel 5 min
02 - Laws of Shemittah - Shemittah Produce Eretz Yisroel 4 min
03 - Laws of Shemittah - Hetter Mechirah Eretz Yisroel 4 min
04 - Laws of Shemittah - Transactions Eretz Yisroel 5 min
05 - Laws of Shemittah - Otzar Beis Din Eretz Yisroel 4 min
06 - Laws of Shemittah - Terumah and Maaser Eretz Yisroel 4 min
07 - Laws of Shemittah - Treatment of Shemittah Produce Eretz Yisroel 5 min
08 - Laws of Shemittah - Treatment of Shemittah Produce 2 Eretz Yisroel 4 min